In a horizontal curve design; Where, R is 400m, Design speed is 100km/hr, and platform width...

In a horizontal curve design; Where, R is 400m, Design speed is 100km/hr, and platform width of highway is 14m. Elevation of centreline of highway is 50m above sea level. An electrical cable is crossing the horizontal curve, and its level is 49m above sea level. What must be the distance between cable and beginning of the superelevation that should be applied to the horizontal curve, in order to have 0.6m clearance between inside edge of highway and top of cable?

Note: 1-It is a takehome homework, so you can get help 2-Superelevation will be applied as revolving around centreline of highway

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Answer #1

The calculations are given in below image

If you didn't get my handwriting at some point in image then feel free to ask in comments below.

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