4. Causation and harm are very important elements in proving the defendant guilty of a crime....

4. Causation and harm are very important elements in proving the defendant guilty of a crime. The defendant's acts must have caused the harm. Sometimes this is easy to see - such as when the defendant punches the victim in the face, the victim is injured and sustained a broken nose. Sometimes it is not so straight forward - defendant chases victim with a bat and victim runs into the street and is hit by a car, is the defendant responsible for the victim's death? What will the prosecutor argue? What will the defendant argue?

5. Try another one . . .The defendant shot the victim, injuring but not killing the victim. The shooting caused the victim to have a weak heart. 5 years later the victim died of a heart attack while coaching his daughter's soccer game. Can the defendant be charged with the homicide? Why/ Why not?

6. One more . . .Jane attempts to poison her husband and puts poison in his coffee. He drinks it, becomes ill, falls and hits his head on the table and dies. ME says the cause of death is the head injury. Can Jane be held responsible for his murder? Why/ Why not?

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Answer #1

4. In, first Case if we see than defendant is totally responsible for the death of the victims. Because, crime starts from that point only when an individual start thinking of Crime or hurting someone. In this case no doubt defendant not killed him directly but because him only he satrted runing and came to that rushless moment.

5. No, in this Case defendent ll not be punishable for homicide because he was only punishable at that time when he shooted victim. After, this he his not defendant in front of law.

6. Yes, she ll be responsible for her husband death , because se is guilty as she already her mind to kill his husband thats make very clear that she is guilty.. And his husband fall ill due to poision which was all planned.

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