The visiting nurse is monitoring a wife taking her husband’s blood pressure. She determines that additional...

The visiting nurse is monitoring a wife taking her husband’s blood pressure. She determines that additional teaching is required if the wife is observed doing which of the following?


            Deflating the cuff steadily at 2 mm Hg per beat


Having the husband sit for the BP


Using the same time each day for the measurement


Taking the BP immediately after the husband returns from a walk

Anti-embolytic stockings (TEDs) are ordered for the client on bed rest. The nurse explains to the client that the primary purpose for the elastic stockings is which of the following?


Apply external pressure


Keep the skin warm and dry


Prevent bleeding


Prevent abnormal joint flexion

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1) Additional teaching is required for the wife who is checking her husbands blood pressure.

The correct answer is is option- d.Taking the BP immediately after the husband returns from a walk.

Rationale: After a walk / exercise blood pressure can rise temporarily. Always check blood pressure when the person is comfortable and relaxed with a recently emptied bladder ( a full bladder may affect the reading)

2) The correct answer is option -  (a) Apply external pressure is the primary purpose of the elastic stockings.

Anti- Emboliytic stockings (TEDs) are an abbreviation for “ thromboembolism deterrent” The stockings are made of firm elastic and provide graduated compression over the ankle,mid calf and thigh.The compression has the effect of speeding up the circulation of the blood in the veins.This makes clotting less likely.

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