1.) Suppose a certain species of bacteria causes a skin infection and the treatment is a...

1.) Suppose a certain species of bacteria causes a skin infection and the treatment is a specific antibiotic. If the treatment is delayed and the bacteria are allowed to replicate, describe the processes that occur to cause the population of bacteria in the wound to become genetically diverse and possibly difficult to treat.

Spring has sprung, and so have the dandelions. The dandelions are sprayed with an herbicide, but some dandelions survive.

2. Explain why a few of the dandelions will not be affected by the herbicide and will continue to grow and reproduce.

3. What is the process of a few of the dandelions being more fit than others in the environment with the herbicide?

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Answer #1

2) some dandelions survive as they could have aquired a plasmid which is having gene which could degrade this herbicides so that it's no longer toxin.

Or it has aquire certain gene whose product is transporter like ABC transporter which through out the herbicides from cytoplasm to outside of cells hence no accumulation of herbicides cause no affect on dandelion.

3) natural selection, these type of dadelion were already present in enviroment but it's population was very low as initially the condition was favourable. But now when condition change to herbicidal rich environment, these dandelions only survive rest were elimination . Now these survived one best fit for existing enviroment and now it will multiply and increase its population.' Survival for the fittest'

Hope it's clear..thanks

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