Fill in blanks (write the answer in the answer box following the question number): 1- ---------------------...

Fill in blanks (write the answer in the answer box following the question number):

1- --------------------- is a failure of testis to descend.

2. --------------------- is the most common curable type of testicular tumor.  

3. -------------------------------- is one of the most common skin condition of reactive arthritis comprising a serpiginous ring-shaped dermatitis of the glans penis.

4- The two significant local complications of acute pancreatitis are:

5-The two major causes of COPD are:

6-The three consecutive stages in the healing of a bone:

7- Diverticular diseases are most common in --------------------------------

8- 40% of patient with ------------------------------------------ will also have bronchiectasis.

9- While primary tuberculosis is characterised by single granuloma within parenchyma and hilar lymph nodes, secondary tuberculosis -----------------------------------------------------------------

10-The two examples of gestational trophoblastic disease are:

11-When 60% of the pulmonary circulation is obstructed by thromboembolism, patient may suffer from two of the followings:

12-The classification of Wounds Closure:

13- -----------------------------------, atheroma fibrous cap may rupture allowing blood clots to precipitate and further decrease the area of the coronary vessel's lumen.

14- ---------------------------------- are produced by an imbalance between gastro-duodenal defense mechanisms and the damaging force.

15-The commonest clinical syndrome of thrombosis :

16---------------------------------------- is fairly uncommon type of prostatitis and reveal soft, dry, crackling sound or sensation on DRE

17- ------------------------------- does not predispose to the development of prostate cancer     

18- Both lean and obese women with PCOS have lower ------------------------ levels than women without PCOS.

19-The two examples of acute phase protein production in liver:

20-The three characters of chronic inflammation:

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Question no 1

The failure of the testis is called undescended testis or Cryptorchidism . The testes on humans first form in the abdomen during the time of the fetal development. As the fetus grows further , the testes of the individual begin to descend or move down until the testis are inside the scr otum of the fetus . Sometimes it is the , one testis or sometimes both the testes fail to descend, or move down into the scrot um which is called undescended testis or Cryptorchidism.

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