Question B.2 Leyton and Dustin run a service station in a country town, the service station...

Question B.2

Leyton and Dustin run a service station in a country town, the service station sells petrol and a number of other goods, which are displayed near the cash register and outside the office. Leyton and Dustin are partners in the business, though they have an old written agreement that states that neither will order goods or services over the value of $3,000 unless the contract contains signatures from both partners.

Leyton has been approached by a supplier of magazines who offers the business the delivery of 100 copies of a particular publication each month. Leyton convinced that the magazine is popular and will make some money, signs a contract with a promise to pay $5,000 in instalments for the delivery of the magazines.

The magazines arrive and Dustin is very upset, first because the magazine is quite unsuitable for display in the business and may result in a loss of customers if they see this publication, but he is also upset that Leyton has made an agreement without consulting him. There is an argument between the partners and Leyton takes sick leave and stays at home to recover from the stress of the argument. In the meantime, Dustin communicates with the supplier of the magazines and declares that the agreement to supply the publication is invalid due to a breach of the partnership agreement, and that the magazines will be returned and no payments will be forthcoming from the business.

Explain, with reference to partnership law:

a. Whether Dustin can cancel the contract with supplier of the magazines?

b. Whether Dustin can be liable for the actions of Leyton?

Homework Answers

Answer #1


A partnership is liable for any loss incurred by wrongful act of any partner who was acting in ordinary course...

In the current case Leyton was acting in ordinary course even though violating the limit of autority agreement with Dustin still binds the Partnership.Hence Dustin cannot cancel the contract it has to be honoured by the Partnership.


Yes Dustin will be liable since in a partnership the liability is all the Partners of partnership obligations.As a seperate recource he can sue Leyton for violating the agreemnt.

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