George is very regular in sleep/wake patterns, is adaptable to new situations and is very sociable....

George is very regular in sleep/wake patterns, is adaptable to new situations and is very sociable. His mother attends to his needs quickly, and loves to play with him, and emphasizes smiling and laughing a lot.

Mark is not adaptable to new situations, avoids new people, but is fairly regular in his sleep/wake patterns and is not irritable. His mother tends to leave him by himself and does not seek out interactions, as she really did not want a child.

Allan has very intense negative emotions, has lots of problems with his sleeping patterns, and is not adaptable. His mother tends to ignore him, but also gets very angry with him, and in her frustration hits him.  He finds this confusing and does not know how she will act from one day to the next.  What differences in temperament do you see in these children?

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Temperaments are innate traits with which each child is born with, these temperament aids the infants to interact with the environment they are born in . The response and interactions of the care takers towards the temperament of the infants play a vital role in the development of personality in them

The differences of temperament are:

  • George is a easy temperament child. This is indicated by his positive mood, regular physiological routine and easy adaptability to the surroundings. Moreover, his mother is attentive to his need. So ,he has a secure attachment with his mother.
  • Mark has a slow to warm up temperament. He doesn't easily adapt to the new situations, but has fair sleep routine and has low intensity in mood. He may develop a insecure avoidant attachment with his mother due to her neglect towards him.
  • Allan has a difficult child temperament. He is difficult to manage, displays intense negative mood. Low adaptability to new environment and has disturbed sleep routines. As his mother ignores him and sometimes reacts violently to his temperament, a insecure resistant type of attachment may be developed in him towards his mother.
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