ociologists tend to argue that the notion of “race” and "gender" are creations of nature genetics...

ociologists tend to argue that the notion of “race” and "gender" are creations of



social scientists

statisticians who have counted different racial attributes


Society is the way that it is because individuals in society think and act the way that they do. If you want to change society then you should focus on changing the individuals in it.



Research cited in The Practical Skeptic suggests that the economic inequality that exists between men and women

can be explained in terms of the differences in men’s and women’s work cultures

is a result of sexism

boils down to issues of ethnicity

is related to the fact that men tend to work more hours per week than do women

has to do with the fact that men tend to have more education than women

In “Hanging Tongues: A Sociological Encounter with the Assembly Line” workers functioned via a system of what the author described as “uncooperative teamwork.”



Examples of institutional discrimination include all but which of the following?

Entrance exams

Favoring hiring males over females because females might get pregnant

Manufacturing jobs being exported overseas and into the suburbs, out of the cities.

Burning crosses on someone’s lawn

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Ans. 1 Option 5

The notions of race and gender are the creation of society because race and gender are reality but notions were made by society.

Ans. 2 Option A

The statement is true, the society created by individuals so if we want to change the society we should change the individuals in it.

Ans. 3 Option D

The economic inequality between men and women came from an idea in which we thought that a woman cannot work like a man and a man can give more hours than the woman.

Ans. 4 Option A

The statement is true according to the article.

Ans. 5 Option A

The institutional discrimination does not consider entrance exam.


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