One last time, our dear stunt-owl (mass m) is again launched out of a cannon with...

One last time, our dear stunt-owl (mass m) is again launched out of a cannon with an initial velocity vi at an angle θ with respect to the horizontal. Find the angular momentum of the owl about the origin when the owl is at: (a) What is the angular momentum of the owl at the origin (i.e. before it is launched)? (b) Find an expression for its angular momentum at the maximum height in its trajectory. Give L⃗ in terms of vi, θ, m, and g. (c) For vi =15m/s,θ=30◦,and m=170g what is L⃗? (d) What torque causes the change in angular momentum between the origin and the maximum height of its trajectory? Don’t find a number, just the source of the torque and its direction.

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