Make an indirect analytical report: Create a "justification/recommendation report" of approximately 1,000 words. The report must...

Make an indirect analytical report: Create a "justification/recommendation report" of approximately 1,000 words. The report must include 3-4 reputable sources. The report will have multiple components:

1.. An introduction that begins with a statement of purpose

2. A body with multiple sections divided by headings and subheadings

3. A conclusion and recommendations section

4. A bibliography page

You are not required to have visuals in the body of the report, but you may want to include them to illustrate your points. Visuals are sometimes a better way to get your ideas across.

The topic is "absenteeism at the workplace and format is MLA citation with in-text.

Do not plagiarise any thing

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Absenteeism at workplace is a culture that is being followed by the employees where they remain absent at the workplace. This causes a serious problem in the organisation as far as the completion of the work and meeting the deadlines is concerned. This also hampers the culture of the organisation.

Concerns associated with absenteeism:

Absenteeism at workplace is a great concern for an organisation as it creates a disturbance in the work culture of the organisation and leads to the non completion of the tasks as per the predefined schedule. The overall working of the organisation is affected and organisation cannot achieve its desired goals if the absenteeism becomes a frequent habit of the employees in an organisation. Because of absenteeism, managers hesitate to delegate the tasks to the employees as, if they remain absent on the crucial days, organisation may end up losing a huge deal which may affect its overall revenues in a negative manner. Absenteeism also results into the loss of productivity of the human resources and other crucial resources of the organisation. It also results into demotivation of the dedicated employees who want deliver their best of the services but get restricted as they are required to perform the duties of the employees who are absent at their work.


Thus, it is a challenge for the managers to control and eliminate the voluntary absenteeism. So as to control absenteeism, manager needs to find various causes that are motivating employees to follow absenteeism. Many a times, employees are not satisfied with the work culture and policies of the organisation because of which they get demotivated and start believing that their efforts are not being mattered and considered in an organisation. As a result of this demotivation, they follow absenteeism. It is the responsibility of the manager to redesign the policies and procedures so as to motivate the employees. he should find the needs of the employees and should try to align those needs with the goals of the organisation and should fulfil their needs so that the employees start enjoying their work and as a result of this, their trend of absenteeism decreases.

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