Reading Assignment: Leadership and Management Principles Change and Innovation Organizational Climate and Culture Critical Thinking and...

Reading Assignment:

  1. Leadership and Management Principles
  2. Change and Innovation
  3. Organizational Climate and Culture
  4. Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Skills
  5. Managing Time and Stress
  6. Legal and Ethical Issues
  7. Communication and Care Coordination

Discussion Guidelines:

The main goal of this online class is to engage in a discussion, share materials, knowledge, and to learn from each other as we go.

  1. You are expected to read the chapters for the week, come back and answer the discussion questions by Wednesday 11:59 pm EST. A zero will be given for late submissions.
  2. A discussion is not just naming facts. It involves defining, comparing, and contrasting facts even when the question does not seem to ask that.
  3. DO NOT use lists or tables as answers for a discussion

Main Post Guidelines:

  1. You MUST have a reference for each answer to earn points
  2. Be sure to list page numbers or article; NOTchapters or name of books
  3. A range of pages more than 3 IS NOT acceptable (e.g. pages 236 to 241)
  4. If you are referencing any document that is not your book, make proper citation and attach ONEpage where the information was read.
  5. If you report a link that is not a working link, you lose the point.
  6. If you post a website for reference, you lose the point.
  7. Links with doi:100000000000 are usually not accessible on the internet, so attach a page of the document
  8. If you copy and paste more than 2 sentences, even with citation, you lose the points for that question
  9. **If your answer is found to be from a different source you get a zero.
  10. **Copy and paste from any source material including classmate’s posting will result in a zero.
  11. Webpages with a .com web address such as,, etc... will not be accepted as a source. This will be your only warning.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Leadership and Management Principles

  1. DIVISION OF WORK: allows specialization
  2. AUTHORITY: right to command balanced with responsibility and accountability
  3. DISCIPLINE: employees will only obey orders if management play their part by providing good leadership
  4. UNITY OF COMMAND: there should be only one boss with no conflicting lines of command
  5. UNITY OF DIRECTION: people engaged in the same kind of activities must have the same objectives in a single plan
  6. SUBORDINATION OF INDIVIDUAL INTEREST TO GENERAL INTEREST: the goals of the firms are always paramount
  7. REMUNERATION: payment is an important motivator
  8. CENTRALIZATCEN or DECENTRALISATION: depends on the condition of business and the quality of its personnel
  9. SCALAR CHAIN/LINE OF AUTHORITY: refers to the number of levels in the hierarchy
  10. ORDER: both material(minimises lost time & useless handling of materials) & social order.
  11. EQUITY: employees should be treated well to achieve equity
  12. STABILITY OF TENURE OF PERSONNEL: job security and career progress are important for employees to work better.
  13. INITIATIVE: allow personnel to show their initiative, it may be a source of strength for the organisation
  14. ESPIRIT DE CORPS: management should foster the moral of employess

Time Management

  • time management is making optimal use of available time
  • Good time management skills allows an individual to spend time on things that matter.
  • Allow time for planning, and establish priorities ----- Complete the highest priority task whenever possible, and finish one task before beginning other one ------ Reprioritize based on the remaining tasks and on the new information that may have been received
  • The 6 steps of PROCRASTINATION are : false security-- laziness-- excuses-- denial-- crisis--repeat
  • Time wasters are: technology, socializing, paperwork overload, a poor filing system, interruptions


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