Applebee’s is the largest casual dining chain in the world, with over 1800 locations throughout the...

Applebee’s is the largest casual dining chain in the world, with over 1800 locations throughout the U.S. and also in 20 other countries. The menu features beef, chicken, and pork items, as well as burgers, pasta, and seafood. Applebee’s CEO wants to make the restaurant more profitable by developing menus that are tastier and contain more items that customers want and are willing to pay for despite rising costs for gasoline and agricultural products. How might business intelligence help management implement this strategy? What pieces of data would Applebee’s need to collect? What kinds of reports would be useful to help management make decisions on how to improve menus and profitability?

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Apple bee can use management decision support system to improve their business. It can use various data sources and transaction processing systems, and sales system. These two systems are provides the details about menu item and selling quantity and etc.. Also, the company demographical data to understand and making suiteable decision for customers by accessing data about ages and their income levels and family details. The company can also use external weather data to track which menu items should be published . For example if the weather so cool and restaurant can feature hot soups and sandwishes and hot drinks.

Management people can use reports to determine which menu items are selling the best at any particular time. Reports broken into regions wise or locations wise. Based on climatic conditions are any changes menu may differs .

Reports are made how the sales going oneach region by day wise and week wise and so on .

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