PART – 1 (10 Marks) Q.1 (10 Marks) An Engineering consultant appointed on the construction of...

PART – 1 Q.1 An Engineering consultant appointed on the construction of a Bridge site decided to conduct the Plate load test to get fair idea about the bearing capacity of the sub soil. The test was conducted on a circular plate of 200 mm radius at a depth of 1.20 m below the natural ground surface in pure clayey soil. The failure took place at a load of 55000N. i. Calculate the safe bearing capacity of a 1.2 x 1.4 m rectangular footing founded at a depth of 1.75 m in the same sub-soil. Consider the factor of safety & bulk unit weight unit of 2.25 & 19.8 kN/m3 respectively. [7] ii. Highlight any three disadvantages associated with the above in-situ test. [3]

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