4) List the basic steps to performing a GWAS. (2 pts) 5) How does participant selection...

4) List the basic steps to performing a GWAS. (2 pts) 5) How does participant selection potentially bias the interpretation of GWAS (HINT: look back at some of your scientific communication papers)? (2 pts) 6) A talk was given in April 2016 at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in New Orleans (scientific meetings are usually held in cool places. Another reason to go into research.) entitled “Prostate cancer GWAS from more than 89,000 men identifies more than 30 novel prostate cancer susceptibility loci”. A) The researchers grouped their participants into two categories to facilitate data analysis, what were they? B) Why didn’t they sample any women? (2 pts)

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4) Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) evolved as a strong tool over the last ten years and used for inspecting the genetic planning of human disease. steps involved are:

.5) GWA studies are an major approach in finding genetic variants affecting disease but also have essential limitations, counting their likely for false-positive as well as false-negative results, selection biases of study participants,insensitivity to rare and structural variants, errors in genotyping, lack of knowlwdge on gene function.

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