Bruce has really gotten into the gym and fitness as a whole lately. As the weather...

Bruce has really gotten into the gym and fitness as a whole lately. As the weather begins to warm up, he finds himself working out even more with additional outdoor workouts. He’s met a good group of friends at the gym and is seeing his body and mood change completely from when he walked in the door six months ago.

Bruce’s friends talk a lot about all the protein they eat and drink. In addition to getting protein from meat, eggs, and dairy, the guys have been making protein shakes. Gina, the lone woman in the group, keeps telling the guys all that protein isn’t good for their health and it’s not actually contributing to their muscle mass like they think it is. They’re not listening to Gina, but Bruce is. He wants to know more and doesn’t mind getting to spend more time with Gina.

1. Protein is needed for which of the following:

a. integral part of structure for all organs of the human body
b. basic substances that make up enzymes
c. major component of hormones
d. tissue maintenance and repair
e. serve as an energy source
f. all of the above

2. Bruce knows that, to bulk up, he needs to consume more calories than he burns with all his workouts.

True or False: Because proteins are so large and complex, they provide 9 calories per gram.
a. True
b. False

3. Gina tells Bruce she feels like all the guys drinking protein shakes and eating a ton of protein all the time should have their nitrogen balance tested by a doctor. Bruce doesn’t want to come across as dumb, so he completely agrees with her. Gina says that they must have a negative nitrogen balance with the way they are building muscle.

True or False: A negative nitrogen balance is a sign that the body is healthy and building more muscle mass.

a. True
b. False

4. Gina and Bruce take a look at one of the guys' premade protein shakes. It says it has all 20 essential amino acids the body needs. Gina laughs and says that the label can't even get the number of essential versus nonessential amino acids right.

Which of the following correctly reflects the correct number of essential and nonessential amino acids?

a. 9 essential and 11 nonessential
b. 14 essential and 14 nonessential
c. 2 essential and 18 nonessential
d. 18 essential and 2 nonessential
e. 11 essential and 9 nonessential
f. none of the above

5. Bruce is shocked to find out that Gina is a vegetarian and has been her entire life. She’s stronger than any woman he’s ever met and most guys. She trains hard and is seriously into martial arts. Even more shocking is the fact she doesn’t take any protein supplements or drink any protein shakes. Bruce wonders if this is even possible.

True or False: Vegetarians and vegans can get enough protein from non-meat sources to support their health and even to build muscle mass. They do not need protein supplementation.
a. True
b. False

6. Gina tells Bruce that all those supplements are hype and nothing more. They don’t even have to be proven effective.

True or False: No matter the purity of the supplement or the product’s claim, no amino acid supplement has been shown to work better than food for strength and muscle building.
a. True
b. False

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. It is definitely option (f) which is the correct answer here. This is because all other options given here are essential functions of proteins in our body.

2. Protein provides only 4 calories per gram while it is fat that provides 9 calories per gram. Therefore the statement here is false.

3. Nitrogen balance will be negative when nitrogen loss is greater than nitrogen intake. A person is healthy only when nitrogen intake is greater than nitrogen loss. This is perhaps a positive nitrogen balance and not negative. Negative values are associated with issues like malnutrition, burns, etc. Therefore the statement is false.

4. The correct answer is option (a) as the correct number is 11 non essential and 9 essential amino acids.

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