-What is the probability of getting either a sum of 6 or at least one 5...

-What is the probability of getting either a sum of 6 or at least one 5 in the roll of a pair of dice?

-Write the sample space for an experiment where a coin is tossed and a 6 sided die is rolled.

-Suppose a single fair die is rolled. Find the probability that it is a 5, given that it is an even number.

-The table lists the cross-classifications of martial status and sex for the adults chosen for the 2006 General Social Survey (GSS). Using the letters given in the table, find the number of respondents in the following set.

E∩(F∪M)containss ____ respondents.

Martial status- male- female-

Married (A)-1035- 1184

Widowed (B)- 59- 281

Divorced (C)- 347- 428

Seperated (D)- 76- 98

Never married (E)- 543- 547

-A bicycle factory runs two assembly lines, A and B. 97% of line A's products pass inspection and 92% of line B's products pass inspection, 60% of the factory's bikes come off assembly line B and the rest come off line A. Find the probability that one of the factory's bikes did not pass inspection and came off assembly line A.

The probability is ____ (Type a decimal. Do not round.)

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