Explore the dark side of communication. What happens when ethics are thrown out the window and...

Explore the dark side of communication. What happens when ethics are thrown out the window and communication is used for manipulative purposes? Explore conscious and subconscious ethical communication rule breaking. Verbal and nonverbal and mass media examples of the dark side of communication. How does this topic impact interpersonal, intercultural, and mass communication? explore why this topic is important. How can you personally help ensure that the malicious use of communication is less impactful in your own life.

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The dark side of the communication is using communication for the purpose of gaining personal gain and to cheat the receiver with lies or convincing them with false promises. This is prevalent with politics, news media and everyday relationships. When dark side of communication is used, reality is hidden, ethics are thrown in the air and only selfishness prevails. This will break the confidence of the receiver and shatter honesty and integrity of the sender.

Mass media, in order to increase their TRP rate, telecast and print news that would affect the readers and create confusion among people. If we look at the news from certain channels the news will be opposite because they are owned by people from opposite parties, countries or teams. They would project as the other person is wrong all the time and their body language would exhibit this hatred or blaming. Each culture is different and each country has its own way doing things. So, when one communicates with a person from another country, they should be sensible enough to understand the hidden meaning in their signs and symbols apart from the verbal language that they use.

Communication is a serious topic in any subject area. One letter or one word will change the entire meaning of the communication. Understanding one’s communication and empathetic communication are equally important because it’s not just about receiving some information but it’s the receiver’s responsibility to look for the authenticity and evaluate for the importance of the message.

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