This is Public Speaking (but that subject was not listed, so I selected psychology. Audience demographics...

This is Public Speaking (but that subject was not listed, so I selected psychology. Audience demographics - Examples of why a speaker should take time to analyze their audience based each of these catergories: 1-Age, 2-Gender, Group Affliations, disability.

Ex: for Age, you would create scenario where a speaker might have a problem if they ignored Age in their audiences. Then give me the opposite side of the coin, If they did analyze what would occur then.


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Answer #1

What happens if you don't know your audience?

  • If you do not know your audience, your chances of connecting with the audience get limited
    • Difficulty in finding a common ground
    • Difficulty while connecting to the audience
    • Difficulty with outdated/ offensive references
  • Age
    • The array of issues that worry a group of seniors is going to be different than a group of high school students.
      • High School - Career Counselling
      • Seniors - Aging gracefully
      • Mix crowd - Positive Relationships
  • Gender
    • Choose language that is suitable and appropriate for audience without being patronizing.
    • Pay attention to the pronouns you use, the anecdotes you tell and the issues you focus on.
    • No matter what, always avoid sexist, derogatory remarks

  • Group Affiliations
    • Your word choice, level of formality, use of humour, and presentation style including the use of visuals and handouts
      • Political Affiliations - Jokes
      • Geographical Specialties

  • Disability
    • The use of visuals and handouts
    • The kind of words and jokes
    • References and relevant topics
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