As advances in computer technology continue to change the way we work and play, Internet use...

As advances in computer technology continue to change the way we work and play, Internet use on and off the job has become a danger zone for employees and employers. Misuse costs employers millions of dollars in lost productivity and litigation, and it can cost employees their jobs. A 2006 survey by the American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute revealed that 28 percent of employers fired workers for e-mail misuse. In addition, 2 percent terminated employees for using instant messaging inappropriately, and another 2 percent for posting offensive blog content from a company machine or, yes, the employee's own home computer. Companies struggle with fair Internet use policies knowing that over half of their employees with Web access shop online from the office. Your task: Your boss is aware of these numbers and is weighing whether to prohibit all personal use of the Internet at work, including IM, texting, visiting shopping Web sites, viewing YouTube videos, and viewing and posting to Facebook. How would you justify keeping Internet access open? Brainstorm arguments for allowing unlimited or partial access to the Web. Also, consider arguments for limiting or disallowing access. Develop your ideas into an e-mail, discussion board post, or blog entry that could sway your boss

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Answer #1

I will adopt flexible approach while allowing the partial access to the internet for the employees. We shall make a comprehensive policy for the use of internet, smartphones, laptops , personal computers and other such devices from which data security and privacy will be in danger.

We shall implement an organization wide internet network which will be utilzed for only work related purpose. We shall make a comprehensive policy to use of smartphone. One can use it only in rest hours and in lunch time. No personal use of internet will be allowed via in house devices. Penalties will be set if someone will break the policy.

Official website and blogs will be used by only authorised personnel . Every section head will be trained to keep data privacy and security as the top concerns.  

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