Discussion 2a: Accurate Information on Your Résumé and Job Application In this lesson we discussed the...

Discussion 2a: Accurate Information on Your Résumé and Job Application

In this lesson we discussed the importance of gathering information for your résumé and job application. Please explain why it is important for the information to be accurate – and the consequences of providing inaccurate or misleading information on a résumé or job application.

Discussion 2b: Highlighting Awards and Recognition

In this lesson we discussed how to incorporate awards and recognition into your résumé. Please explain why highlighting these accomplishments can differentiate one person’s résumé from another. In doing so, briefly provide examples of how you can use your awards and recognition to differentiate your résumé from the résumés of other candidates.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Q2a) Below is why the information in the resume needs to be accurate -

1. Resume is the reflection of the candidate's complete professional profile based on which recruiter does the first round of screening and shortlist the candidate for further rounds.

2. The information on resume is validated at every stage of the recruitment process, hence to successfully pass through the process, the candidate must put the facts and impressive key points in the resume.

The consequences of providing inaccurate information include -

1. Not considering the candidate for the recruitment or selection process

2. Misleading information will make it difficult for the candidate to explain when asked in detail as it doesn't come out of his/her experience leading to rejection in interviews.

3. In some cases, the employers will blacklist the candidate and restrict him/her for lifetime from applying to the firm.

Q2b) Highlighting awards and recognition in the resume will help the candidate to -

1. Showcase his/her achievements in education or past experience.

2. Create confidence and impression in the minds of recruiters of the abilities and skills of the candidate.

3. Differentiate the candidate from others.

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