CASA3: Draft Problem Statement for Report with Preliminary Scholarly Sources List CASA3 has 2 parts but...

CASA3: Draft Problem Statement for Report with Preliminary Scholarly Sources List

CASA3 has 2 parts but is to be submitted as one document.

Part A: Draft problem statement for report

Part B: Preliminary scholarly sources list

Here are some points to consider:

Part A:. Management Problem Statement: Revisit, improve and enhance your CASA1- Management Problem Statement Link to the Functions of Management (planning, leading, organising and controlling) Clearly indicate a management problem or potential problem Balance of facts from the case study and the management problem Well written (grammar, spelling, one paragraph etc) Remember this is not about finding or implying a solution Approx 200 words incorporate feedback from CASA1 should not include a solution or imply a solution well written (grammar, structure, flow) Same case study: (SEE BELOW)

Part B. Reference List find and present at least 5 scholarly (peer reviewed) these should have the potential to create the critical evaluation for your report/Ass2. these references will not necessarily be used but are to be presented as a reference list these references must clearly relate to the management problem statement references need to be scholarly, appropriate and relevant eg based on management literature (see tips, Collaborate session, Library resources re possible journal articles etc)

CASE STUDY: Walt Disney Company Headquarters, Burbank, California Over two decades, your predecessor and boss, CEO Michael Eisner, accomplished much, starting the Disney Channel, the Disney Stores and Disneyland Paris, and acquiring ABC television, Starwave Web services (from Microsoft cofounder Paul Allan) and Infoseek (an early Web search engine). But his strong personality and critical management style created conflict with shareholders, creative partners and board members, including Roy Disney, nephew of founder Walt Disney. One of your first moves as Disney’s new CEO was to repair relationships with Pixar Studios and its then CEO Steve Jobs. Pixar produced computer-animated movies for Disney to distribute and market. Disney also had the right to produce sequels to Pixar Films, such as Toy Story, without Pixar’s involvement. Jobs argued, however, that Pixar should have total financial and creative control over its films. When Disney CEO Michael Eisner disagreed, relations broke down, with Pixar seeking other partners. On becoming CEO, you approached Jobs about Disney buying Pixar for $7 billion. More important than the price, however, was promising Jobs and Pixar’s leadership, President Ed Catmull and creative guru John Lasseter, total creative control of Pixar’s films and Disney’s storied but struggling animation unit. Said Jobs, ‘I wasn’t sure I could get Ed and John to come to Disney unless they had that control.’ Although Pixar and Disney animation thrived under the new arrangement, Disney still had a number of critical strategic problems to address. Disney was ‘too old’ and suffering from brand fatigue as its classic but ageing characters, Mickey Mouse (created in 1928) and Winnie-the-Pooh (licensed by Disney in 1961), accounted for 80 per cent of consumer sales. On the other hand, Disney was also ‘too young’ and suffering from ‘age compression’, meaning it appealed only to young children and not preteens, who gravitated to Nickelodeon, and certainly not to teens at all. Finally, despite its legendary animated films, over time Disney products had developed a reputation for low-quality production, poor acting and weak scripts. Movies High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Bolt, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Race to Witch Mountain and Bedtime Stories disappointed audiences and failed to meet financial goals. As you told your board of directors, ‘It’s not the marketplace: it’s our slate [of TV shows and movies].’ With many of Disney’s brands and products clearly suffering, you face a basic decision: Should Disney grow, stabilise or retrench? Disney is an entertainment conglomerate with Walt Disney Studios (films), parks and resorts (including Disney Cruise lines and vacations), consumer products (i.e. toys, clothing, books, magazines and merchandise) and media networks such as TV (ABC, ESPN, Disney Channels and ABC Family), radio and the Disney Interactive Media Group (online, mobile, and video games and products). Further, in 2009 Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment (including the Avengers franchises) and in 2012 it acquired Lucasfilm (Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises).

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Problem statement report refers to a precise and to the point clarification and justification concerned with a problem encountered by a business and anticipated elucidation to the problem. Thus it can be an efficient way to illuminate a concern and converse a solution within a short period of time. Furthermore it’s important to give a thought process to summarize the problem statement by elaborating the problem and intended explanation backed up with elaborative facts and figures.

Thus the most significant objective of any problem statement is to ensure that it’s been elucidated with clarity, precisely and easily recognizable and acknowledgeable s as this indeed facilitates to efficiently emphasize the problematic concerns due diligently and efficiently position the crucial information’s in the problem statement where it’s easily noticeable.

Thus it's an excellent scheme and initiative and evidently facilitates to precisely clarify as to why the solution provided is an excellent initiation towards evidently and efficiently solving the concerned problems. However organizations do always try to enhance their competencies and effectiveness to perceive more revenue thus indeed it’s very important to predominantly concentrate on the financial impact of the solution provided for instance prejudicially clarifying the kind of expenses that it could help to reduce and the nature of fresh earnings that it could facilitate to generate.

Furthermore the final objective of a statement of the problem should indeed help to convert a comprehensive problem into a targeted and a well-defined problem which in fact should facilitate to evidently and efficiently resolve the concerned problem through indulging into a focused and result oriented research and cautious decision-making process.

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