Develop an answerable question (using PICO) using the following scenario Your friend Martin is a competitive...

  1. Develop an answerable question (using PICO) using the following scenario

    Your friend Martin is a competitive cyclist in the local cycling club championships. He is motivated to improve his performance by training on a regular basis and following a very healthy diet. Martin is specifically looking to reduce his trial time (i.e., finish his races faster). A few other members of the club take caffeine prior to a race as they have heard it is beneficial. Martin knows you are studying a research subject at University and seeks your advice as to whether caffeine may help his cycling performance and, if so, if that is dose-dependent. Although you have not studied nutrition in any great depth in your first year at University, you feel confident that you can undertake a search for available evidence on this topic.

    a. What is the population/patient/problem?
    b.What is the intervention/issue?
    c. Is there a comparative intervention/issue?
    d. What is the outcome?

  2. Develop a PICO chart to guide your database search
    a.Keywords, synonyms and appropriate truncation and wildcard symbols

Homework Answers

Answer #1
Keywords synonyms and keywords with boolean operators appropriate truncation wildcard symbols
Problem Caffeine intake and performance in cycling race

Athletic performance


biking race


Caffeine and Cycling

"Athlets and Caffeine addiction*"

"Caffeine intake and  Cyclists*"

Athlets ?Caffeine


Intervention Caffeine intake

Caffeine addiction




Caffeine consumption


Caffeine intake

"Caffeine consumption and cycling performance*"

Caffeine ? Cycling performance
Comparison Not take caffeine avoiding caffeine "Avoid caffeine*"
Outcome Effects on performance of cyclists Performance in Cycle race "Cycling performance*" caffeine?cycling
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