Some consider fair access to health care a moral right, while others disagree. We have defined...

Some consider fair access to health care a moral right, while others disagree. We have defined the term moral right as "a privilege to act in some specific, intentional manner or to obtain some specific benefit because one is a moral agent living in a community of moral agents under a shared moral standard.

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Is access to health care a moral right? Why or why not?

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Yes, access to health care is a moral right. Health care facilities are the most important need of every individual's life. Even though the government are not able to provide the free health care to the people, the government should understand that all the people have the right to get health care facilities easily at appropriate time at every corner of the world. The government should have this moral to provide proper health care facilities easily and it is the moral right of every individual to access the health care on time whenever needed. Every individual also should have the moral that whenever anyone become sick or need of health advice, they should go to the nearby health care provider. The government should set up many health care providing hospital or institute to fulfill the needs of the people.

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