1. Why is it important to be prepared when calling a funder to pitch an idea?...

1. Why is it important to be prepared when calling a funder to pitch an idea?

2. Why should you use the KISS approach in writing grants? Explain. Don't just write what KISS is short for.

3. Non-profit organizations work toward_____

a. changing some condition in the world.
b. establishing credentials.
c. monetary payoff for their shareholders.
d. Commercial success.

4. Grant submissions are always submitted both by mail and online.
5. Why is it important to develop a relationship with the funder?

6.Email is a valuable tool for stimulating further contact.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1- When calling a funder to pitch an idea it is always better to be prepared with the a good power point presentation of key highlights of the ideas. A detailed feasibility study should be ready for the funder so that he may know about the details. A well plan presentation ease in understanding of Ideas and related facts.

2- Under Kiss approach, writing a grant involves use of simple words for understanding the purpose. Following points keep into consideration while writing a proposal for grant (1) Use simple language (2) proposal should be concise and clear

3- A - changing some conditions in the world

4- false- always sent online

5- develop a sound relationship with the funder helps in getting fund with ease and its keeps on update the various schemes and program offered by funder

6- True

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