A patient showed signs and symptoms of anemia. She consulted a doctor and was advised to...

A patient showed signs and symptoms of anemia. She consulted a doctor and was advised to subject herself to the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and other medical procedures. As a future laboratory supervisor of a sample collection unit, you are tasked to map the laboratory testing process. Arrange the following steps in chronological order.

Load sample to the analyzer
Sample received by testing facility
Sample collection through phlebotomy
Release result to physician
Report result
Unload sample to the analyzer
Review analyzer result
Mix samples through gentle inversion
Run controls
Load reagents to the analyzer
Transport specimen to testing facility
Test request from physician
Interpret results
Provide treatment regimen
Correlate results with other clinical information

Homework Answers

Answer #1

The steps should be in the following chronological order:-

1)Test request from physician

2)Sample collection through phlebotomy

3)Transport specimen to testing facility

4)Sample received by testing facility

5)Load sample to the analyzer

6)Load reagents to the analyzer

7)Run controls

8)Mix samples through gentle inversion

9)Review analyzer result

10)Unload sample to the analyzer

11)Report result

12)Release result to physician

13)Interpret results

14)Correlate results with other clinical information

15)Provide treatment regimen

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