1. You are walking through the beach sand in Pensacola, FL. What could be the cohesion...

1. You are walking through the beach sand in Pensacola, FL. What could be the cohesion of the beach sand most probably?

(a). 1 atm. (b). 1 psi (c). 0 (d). none

2. which soils may show severe creep settlement:

(a). saturated sands (b). dry gravels (c). sanitary landfill (d). dry sands

3. when you have retaining wall, it will be in more critical condition during rainy season than the same retaining wall during dry season.

(a). True (b). False

4. why Rankine's active earth pressure theory is widely used in designing a retaining wall?

(a). it is easy

(b). it is slightly conservative

(c). it is more accurate than Coulomb's technique

(d) it is based on a newer theory

5. You need to design a typical reinforced concrete retaining wall What kind of earth pressure constant are you going to use?

(a)Peck’s Active Pressure (b)At-rest Pressure (c)Active Pressure (d) Passive Pressure

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Answer 1. (C)

As it is sand then cohesion will be zero.

Answer 2. (C)

As sanitary fill is a compressible soil and it will show more secondary settlement or creep.

Answer 3. True

As I case of rainy season water table will go up and it is increasing the earth pressure so it will be more critical case than dry season.

Answer 4. (B)

As it is neglected the frictional force acting between the wall and soil and that frictional force have a component in the opposite direction of each pressure. That's why itvis more conservative.

Answer 5. (C)

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