(b) Which is not on-site wastewater treatment system? i) Septic system ii) Pit privy iii) Absorption...

(b) Which is not on-site wastewater treatment system? i) Septic system ii) Pit privy iii) Absorption field iv) Carbonation

(f) DNA alternation is caused by i) Carcinogen ii) Teratogen iii) Acetogen iv) Mutagen

(g) The relationship between substrate and growth rate of aerobes can be explained by

(j) If F/M is high, then i) Longer SRT ii) High yield iii) Better effluent quality iv) Microbes are starving

(k) During biological P removal, PAOs i) release S in anaerobic condition ii) accumulate P in anaerobic condition iii) release P in aerobic condition iv) accumulate P in aerobic condition

(l) To remove N in wastewater by air—stripping, pH of wastewater should be i) Neutral (pH 7) ii) Acidic ( < pH 5) iii) Alkali (> pH 10)

(m) During biological N removal, what happens in the anoxic zone? i) NOx generation ii) High in NOx iii) Converting NOx to N2 iv) No additional organic addition

(n) What is the major goal of anaerobic sludge treatment?

(o) Which EPA requirement should be fulfilled to apply biosolids to land without further pathogen regulation? i) Class A requirement ii) Class B requirement iii) 1 st biosolids requirement iv) Class 1 requirement

(p) How many people (total population is 108 ) can have cancer if lifetime cancer risk is 5x10-6?

(q) Which is more acutely toxic? i) LD50 = 5 mg/kg BW ii) LD50 = 1000 mg/kg BW

(s) Which is the most expensive toxicity test? i) Acute toxicity testing ii) Intermediate testing iii) Microbial testing iv) Animal study

(t) Which approach treats the most municipal solid waste in the US? i) Landfilling ii) Combustion iii) Recycling iv) Composting

Please answer all, they are multiple choice

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