Manhattan is ground zero for an invasion of the living dead. The origin of the first...

Manhattan is ground zero for an invasion of the living dead. The origin of the first case remains unknown, but the number of flesh-eating zombies is growing exponentially*. Food abounds in the densely-populated Gotham City, and it is now common to see people being eaten alive on the street.

The only known method for killing the zombies permanently is a gunshot wound to the head or some other method that destroys their brains. This approach is proving ineffectual. Their numbers are growing unchecked and panic has gripped the City. Even trained military sharpshooters are unable to eliminate the ghouls fast enough to outpace their emergence

.You make a key observation when you see a group of zombies crowded around a leaky fire hydrant, eagerly lapping up water. You surmise that their high-protein diet generates a lot of nitrogenous waste products. In addition to a nervous system for controlling locomotion, you realize that the living dead must have a way to eliminate nitrogenous wastes.

Anecdotal reports have surfaced that zombies have kidney-like structures, but you know that shooting their kidneys with bullets will be even more ineffectual than shooting their brains; another approach is necessary. Your objective is to develop a method for permanently killing zombies that targets their ability to eliminate nitrogenous wastes. You must also address the potential impact your method will have on the normal human population.

*The condition of being a ’zombie’ (also known as ‘the living dead’ or ‘walking dead’ or ‘undead’) is recognized by the medical community as Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome (ANSDS). The syndrome is thought to be caused by an airborne prion; the prion can also be passed to victims through a bite that breaks the skin. Symptoms include progressive loss of brain tissue, uncoordinated (ataxic) gait, and an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

Homework Answers

Answer #1


  • Zombies can be eliminated by draining up the water sources.
  • By this way, they will not be able to excrete the excess nitrogenous wastes produced in their body as a result of high protein diet.
  • Water scarcity will lead to infighting among themselves for the available water and they destroy themselves.
  • Excess nitrogenous wastes in their body may accumulate and lead to encephalopathy causing altered consciousness.
  • But, this method will also restrict humans from carrying out their routine activities but benefits overweight the risks.

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