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Thirdhand smoke (THS) is the fraction of cigarette smoke that persists in indoor environments after smoking. We investigated the effects of neonatal and adult THS exposure on bodyweight and blood cell populations in C57BL/6 J mice. At the end of neonatal exposure, THS-treated male and female mice had significantly lower bodyweight than their respective control mice. However, five weeks after neonatal exposure ended, THS-treated mice weighed the same as controls. In contrast, adult THS exposure did not change bodyweight of mice. On the other hand, both neonatal and adult THS exposure had profound effects on the hematopoietic system. Fourteen weeks after neonatal THS exposure ended, eosinophil number and platelet volume were significantly higher, while hematocrit, mean cell volume, and platelet counts were significantly lower compared to control. Similarly, adult THS exposure also decreased platelet counts and increased neutrophil counts. Moreover, both neonatal and adult THS exposure caused a significant increase in percentage of B-cells and significantly decreased percentage of myeloid cells. Our results demonstrate that neonatal THS exposure decreases bodyweight and that THS exposure induces persistent changes in the hematopoietic system independent of age at exposure. These results also suggest that THS exposure may have adverse effects on human health.

Exercise 1-6: Related literature

1) Find two other papers closely related to the topic of the one you chose. Provide the correct complete citation for each paper.

2) Describe the search strategy you used to find these papers (Include databasesand key words used)

3)Describe how the findings of this paper relate to those in your paper. Did their result confirm, contrast, or extend the findings in your original paper? How?

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1) Thirdhand Smoke: New Evidence, Challenges, and Future Directions., 2017

Short-term early exposure to thirdhand cigarette smoke increases lung cancer incidence in mice, 2018.

The citations can be taken from PMC website in the formats - citation.

2) Database - Pubmed central (PMC)

Search keywords- THS exposure and effects on health

3) Both the papers described here is related to Third hand smoking and describes its potenttial threat to both infants and adults.

In the first paper , it describes how even low concentrations of smoke affects members in the indoor / home by building these toxic chemicals in clothes, materials and cars.

The second paper explains how THS exposure affects in early life and leads to lung cancer.Its mutagenesis in human cells and how it enhances the tumor cells

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