Many viruses mature by budding through the plasma membrane of the host cell. Each of the...

Many viruses mature by budding through the plasma membrane of the host cell. Each of the following statements regarding these viruses is correct EXCEPT:

A. Some of these viruses cause multinucleated giant cell formation

B. Some new viral antigens appear on the surface of the hot cell

C. Some of these viruses contain host cell lipids

D. Some of these viruses do not have an envelope

Please explain each choices why they are correct and wrong.

Explain it in a paragraph form for each choices.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

The answer is - D . some of these viruses does not have an envelope.

Explanation -

Option A is true - Due to viral invasion multinucleated giant cells in enveloped viruses such as HIV is seen.

Option B is true - The virus prior to bidding out interact with host cell membrane to put it's receptor on it for budding facilitation hence the viral antigens are found on the cell surface. By this antiviral reposnes can detect viral-infected cells in investigations.

Option C is true because viral components interact with host cell lipids and adopt their cellular functions so that their release from the host is easy.

Option D is false because most of the non- enveloped viruses mature by lysis with breakdown of cell membrane and death of host whereas enveloped viruses mature by budding out of the host cell. hence this is the correct answer among all the options.

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