Answer the following by putting ( T ) if the statement is true and ( F...

Answer the following by putting ( T ) if the statement is true and ( F ) if the statement is false

  1. Lymph Nodes serve as filters through which Lymph passes on its way to the blood.
  1. Reticular fibers inside the thymus serve as a framework for the thymic lymphocytes.
  1. Bone allows diffusion of Nutrients through it.
  1. In Hyperparathyroidism, the bone is greatly resorbed and is replaced with fibrous tissue containing numerous Osteoclasts.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. ANSWER: True.

Reason: Lymph node serves as a filter for blood by not letting the pathogens to enter into the body.

2. ANSWER: True.

Reason: The reticular fibres in the thymus serves as the framework of T lymphocytes.

3. ANSWER: False.

Reason: Bone recieves the nutrients through the blood vessel passing through it. Calcification prevents the diffusion of nutrients and hence it is supplied only by the nutrient artery.

4. ANSWER: True.

Reason: Parathormone binds to its receptor on osteoclast precursor cells and results in the activation and formation of more of osteoclasts cells.

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