-Describe the steps involved in business process re-engineering and how they are closely linked to ERP...

-Describe the steps involved in business process re-engineering and how they are closely linked to ERP implementation.
-Consider the process of visiting your local bank branch to open a new checking account and making an intial deposit of money. Do some research (either online or in person) to discover what activities are involved with this process, and produce a UML Activity Diagram for this process.
-To give you an idea of scope, keep the diagram simple, but you should have around 10–15 activities with at least 3–4 decision nodes. The purpose of this exercise is to get accustomed to the syntax of UML Activity Diagrams, not to exhaust your knowledge of bank business processes.
-Attach a copy of your diagram to your discussion board post.
-Each initial post must be a minimum of 500 words, excluding the diagram.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Steps involved in Business Process Re-engineering are:

1. Designing of Business Processes

2. Analyze Business Processes

3. Identify and Analyze Business Opportunities

4. Designing of Future State Processes

5. Developing changes in Future State

6. Implementing changes in Future state

ERP and Business Process Re-engineering are closely linked with each other. The process of Business Process Re-engineering provides a realistic understanding of the existing process in the organozation and enables the organization to go for implementation of ERP successfully by cutting extra cost and pacing the process at the same time. Employees are also able to get the new ERP system after completion of all the processes of Business Process Re-engineering.

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