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In your Spiritual understanding, what is the relationship of mind to Soul?

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Just Be 
Asked at 2011.02.09 22:44:16
Please elaborate.
Thank You for answering.
Many Blessings!
answer WillRogerswannabe  Answered at 2011.02.09 22:44:16
- The relationship should be that of a short term, and temporary partnership. -

A human mind that is found to be in a constant state of torpor, is not capable of comprehending that which has many times been referred to as 'a soul' (which happens to be a brilliant ray of That Light).

One could only hope to discover the origin, and the dwelling place, of the human mind.
That within itself would be considered a monumental achievement.
The earth itself contains a vast planetary mind.
That vast planetary mind is shared by all human beings, found to be dwelling upon planet earth.
Within each human being is contained the potential to draw from that planetary mind.
On the other hand, that which is called a soul is singular unto itself, and can only be understood and observed by the entity that has given such a unique soul temporary shelter.

The mind of a human being is much like the workings of a computer's internal components, constantly uploading, downloading, storing and then processing that information found necessary, for a human being's ultimate consumption and edification
The mind can also be compared to a massive storage vessel. At times being empty and at times being full. One must take special care and use preventative measures assuring one that such a storage vessel will not be forced to overflow unnecessarily.
Sometimes a human mind may need a good dumping and de-fragmentation, when the system gets overly full and fragmented.

The mind can be used as a creative tool, or the mind can be used as a destructive tool, and this depends totally upon the degree of mental overloading and fragmentation.
The soul, if one is fortunate enough to believe that there is one, is that internal power and light which aids one in the completion of the necessary de-fragmenting process.
When the de-fragmenting process is near completion, that which has been called the soul will make its presence felt, that is if one is fortunate enough to believe that there is such a power and light, known as a soul.

There must come a time when the mind and the soul work peacefully together as partners.
They must embrace each other and function within a "State of Unity".
For all human beings that would be a most excellent relationship.

*footnote - One should try to discover that which the mind has become attached to, and one should try to discover that which the soul has always been attached to.
One is 'attached to the world', and the other is 'attached to that which is not of the world'.
One must observe such subtle attachments.
That will possibly allow one to once again, 'be in relationship'.

Peace be always with you.
in sha'Allah
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