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Is a King supposed to be the Heart, the Head or the Strong Arm of the people?

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Asked at 2010.11.22 22:04:45

answer Marianne not Gingerâ„¢  Answered at 2010.11.22 22:04:45
Very good question your highness.

My opinion....... is that the King should be the Head. It would be our leader that I would turn to in times of trouble. Searching for the solution...... praying for the perfect answer.

So how would my king come up with such a solution? Yes.... he must have the intelligence to reason through a situation logically. He must have the wisedom to have learned from the past in order to correct the future. He must have the calm patience to see how over reaction could result in pain for many.

How does he reach such conclusions? Simple....... he has a heart. He can not rule with his Head if he does not have a Heart. His heart gives him the ability to feel...... to care...... to need...... to desire. This is what gives him the motivation and drive to want to be there for his people because of the need they have for him. To be loved makes one want to give love.

So must he be a Strong Arm? It's not a position you plan on putting yourself in. My king would only strong arm someone when he knew that what they were doing was putting another one of his subjects in jeopardy. He is a king that rules with his head ........ his head guided by his heart. With his head and heart telling him that this subject has caused pain and frustration, our king would do all in his power to stop him. Strong Arm? Or Protector? It would depend on your definition. But in my eyes.......... he is fighting for justice.

The three circles of Heart, Head, and Arm intersect. It is impossible to have one without the others. If we ever find ourselves being ruled by one without the others........ it is time to find a new Kingdom.

*curtsies to her liege*
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