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To those who want "REAL" spells......?

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Asked at 2010.11.22 22:04:34
I see quite a few questions asking for spells. Why do you, when you ask for spells, ask for "REAL" spells? Are you asking for spells that work like you see on tv? Or do you want spells that real wiccans, witches and other magic-workers use? Do you even KNOW what a spell is? Or do you think that spells are what you learned about in fairy tale books?

I'm just trying to understand the need to put "REAL" in the question.

This is directed to those who ask for spells. Comments about spells not being real, nor witches being real, are not necessary and will go ignored.
answer Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✠ Answered at 2010.11.22 22:04:34
Great question and opportunity. the sad part is that most people do not read what others have to say lol.

They loose all interest when they actually learn what magick is and that it's not what many practitioners of magick are after. We only seek to grow, to be better humans. Magick is simply an extra. An importane extra because energy (god) is all around us and affects us. we just learn to be mindful of it. Some of them come in here kicking doors down acting as if they are so intelligent telling us to grow up because THEY believe magick to be like the stories they read as children. Truth is you tell them what it really is and you start talking research and this and that to support your beliefs and they back off. The intention of this comment is not to make anyone feel stupid, it's only to help you understand that when you tell us to grow up, we're thinking the same thing.

Prayer is what we do, but we are concious of the energy and we make sure we pack it up with a punch. ;)

So if you have something to say about magick and you pray, please hold back your tounge. It's terribly unattractive. And spell work is not about turning into a mermaid or flying. If any of you think that's what it is it's not a problem. I challenge you all to read up on what it is. It's not something bad to be wrong about something, but it is wrong when you refuse to accept it only because of pride. And im not asking you to believe it, im simply asking that you understand it from out point of view and to accept that we are not going anywhere.

Now to answer teh question...
There is no such thing as a REAL spell because all spells have the possibility of working! <-- within reason. No you're not going to transform into anything. That comment will only make sense AFTER you research what magick does and what it doesn't do.

Learn it, Know it!
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