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Why do mirrors keep popping up in folklore e.g ouija boards, the 'candyman' myth etc?

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Sheep Kin 
Asked at 2010.11.22 22:01:55
A lot of weird legends involve mirrors, such as if you break one you will get 7 years bad luck, if you look in a mirror after midnight and say 'candyman' 3 times something terrible happens (there are variations on this but not sure what they are, if anyone knows feel free to tell), weird reflections when using ouija boards etc. Has anything weird happened to you when using a mirror? I'm fascinated by this, but have no intention of actually doing anything that might endanger myself.
answer telluwat  Answered at 2010.11.22 22:01:55
The belief that the soul projects out of the body and into mirrors in the form of reflection underlies perhaps the most widely known mirror superstition: that breaking a mirror brings seven years' bad luck. Many believed that breaking a mirror also broke the soul of the one who broke it. The soul, so angered at being hurt, exacted seven years of bad luck in payment for such carelessness. The Romans, who were the first to make glass mirrors, attributed the seven years' bad luck to their belief that life renewed itself every seven years

The belief that the soul could be caught and trapped in a mirror appears in many other ways. The peoples of northern India considered it dangerous to look into a mirror that belonged to someone else.

Bloody Mary (really more of an Urban Legend than true folklore) is a spirit woman who appears if you say her name three times in the bathroom mirror and scratches your eyes out.
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