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Why am I treated badly as a revert to Islam?

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Asked at 2010.10.29 02:43:15
Asalamu Alaykum,
I am so tired of being seen as a "novelty".Muslims say welcome to islam brother subhanAllah u have been guided but in the same breath curse me for my nationality and my past before entering Islam.

Reality is that I spend every ramadam and iftar alone, every eid completely alone, i am not invited to peoples weddings,for quite some time now, and and there is no hope of me ever marrying as long as the born muslims insist that it is reccomended in Islam to marry from your own nationality merely because you share the same culture.

It has been a completely devestating experience after loosing my family, all my freinds, my job and i have nowhere now where i can go to socialise with other brothers.

I feel completely lost like i have no place in this world anymore and am of no importance to anyone.I became a virtual recluse with no social life and all because I am rejected by the born muslims because I am not of the same nationality or race.My family and old friends now reject me cause I have "Betrayed them" by accepting Islam.

When muslims openly say welcome to Islam brother and then in the next breath they say oh but no we dont marry people like you, then dont expect me to believe that you see me as your brother in Islam.I feel completely betrayed by such people because they make me feel like i am some kind of freak, and i am totally alone suffering abuse from non muslims for wearing Islamic clothing and unable to have any shelter amongst my own people .. the muslims.. because so many do not see me as truely one of their own people.

Amongst the first reverts to Islam,the sahabbah new muslims were never ever made to feel they were not an equal part of the ummah, nor were they exluded on the basis of their nationality which is ultimately where a persons culture comes from.

The prophet salAllahu allayi wa salam said, whoever calls to asabiyyah dies a death of jahilyah..

I am sorry if this does not apply to you but I am so frustrated and I can not take it anymore.It has come to the point where I feel like leaving Islam because I have no where I can go.
answer Salman  Answered at 2010.10.29 02:43:15
Sadly, Most Muslim don't represent Islam!!

Inshallah, You will face good Muslims too!!
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