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How do I keep myself safe after late night work & riding my bicycle to get home?

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Asked at 2010.10.29 00:40:30
It takes me 30 mins to arrived at home from work. I carry my cell phone all the time with me & I also use my light for I could see better in the dark. I go about 19 mph in my bicycle. I try to avoid dark areas or shortcuts. And yes I am street smart too. Any advice? Please no stupid answers. Thanks guys.
answer Al Mac Wheel  Answered at 2010.10.29 00:40:30
There are several different things you need to be doing.
* Research bike and other laws in your area, so that no solution inadvertently violates some rule
** you might stop by a police station & ask for suggestions as to what is legal, not legal, common mistakes other people in your situation make that you can avoid with their advice
* Make sure cars can see you from a distance
* Protect yourself from spills and scrapes
* Protect yourself trom monsters & trolls

Cars see you
You should be wearing light colored clothing
You should have a light colored safety helmet
You need to have reflectors or rear light

It does not hurt to have extra reflectors
I have seen pedestrians with reflectors on their shoes
I have seen bikers with reflectors on their clothing

Protection from accidents
Safety helmet
Goggles ... so insects do not fly into your eyes, dust also
Long sleeves, and cover your legs ... so if there is a fall, your body is muffled from scrapes and scratches

Years ago, I was on a motor scooter, went around a curve too fast, skidded, and my body fell onto gravel ... o o o o o h h

Protection from monsters and trolls
Have at easy grasp, like on a chain around your neck
* Loud whistle
* Mace

Be able to do 911 on your cell in a jiffy

If there is someone normally home about the time you get home ... you might want to phone them right before you leave work, have them know the route you travel, so if you not get home wihin an hour, they could come looking for you

or from the other end ... a friendly co-worker ... if you & they leave about same time & if they about same distance from their home in travel time ... you call each other after you get home "I'm Ok" If no call, friends try to check up on each other
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