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Why does it bother people so much that I like to be by myself?

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Asked at 2010.10.26 23:40:59
Ok, my family and friends seem to get mad when I like to be by myself.

I'm a loner by nature and I normally have my most fun when I'm by myself. My family and friends seem to have a problem with this.

And random people that I don't know get offended when I don't want to go with them, what should I do? This is the way that I am, and I don't know why people get mad, me relying on myself has nothing to do with their faults; so why do they get mad?
answer ragnar_bjarnylr  Answered at 2010.10.26 23:40:59
People in general tend to be social (as in social animals). They think that this is the normal state of things and that when someone actually wants to not be around other people that there is something wrong with them. Think "hermit".

The reason we tend to have a negative image of the hermit is because they have cut themselves off from other people intentionally, most people being social and/or sociable they can't relate to or understand. Because they can't understand why someone would want to be alone, they think there must be something wrong with that person.

Another way to look at this reaction is like the way parents and other adults used to deal with left handed children--they tried to do everything they could to break the child of the habit because they thought there was something wrong with them. An angry reaction is a form of negative reinforcement or punishment (can't remember which, and could be both)and by repeatedly showing anger they think they can "break your bad habit".
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