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Why do judge a whole group of people because of how a few people act?

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Asked at 2010.10.26 23:38:12
Honestly I know the answer but i would like to see other thoughts about this. Just because im muslim why does everyone assume you are a terrorist? Or just because you where a hijab you are under oppression? Why cant we give people a chance to show their true colors before we judge them? I try to give everyone time to show themselves before i label them. I read a few questions and the saddened me. Are all ______ mean? Why would you base a judgement on a WHOLE GROUP just because of a few actions? There is good and bad in everyone. Bad christians, muslims, jews, buddhists, black, white, mexican, asian, whatever. SORRY FOR WRITING LOTS OF STUFF BUT I HAD TO ASK! ITS AN OPINNON SO SPEAK YOUR MIND!
answer dallas  Answered at 2010.10.26 23:38:12
I think it is human nature. If you see a lion, you lump them with all lions, do you not? Think about it. If a dog bites you, will you not have a fear of all dogs after that? If you fall into a creek and nearly drown, will you not always have a fear of water? So, if a black person lives on your street and doesn't take care of his property, you judge that all black people are like that. Representation. To overcome these generalities, you must be educated. It is a survival mechanism. and quite automatic. If a muslim terrorist attacks our country, then if you see another muslim, instant fear.
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