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What Did You Do To Deserve This??

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Asked at 2010.10.26 23:37:16
Standing out on a large nondescript field one morning you hear a commotion and turn to see a mob of irate people headed in you direction. From their expressions and mutterings you get the impression that you are somehow involved but all you can tell for sure is that some of them are shouldering a golden calf. Some say that you are a transgressor guilty of acts of omission. Others quiet vehemently accuse you of acts of commission.

What Did You Do? Are you guilty are can you muster an appropriate defense?
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"I wasn't worshipping it, I was trying to destroy it!"


"That's not true! The pentagram was the only thing keeping that cow from eating your children!"


"You trust her? She's a WITCH!"


"It's not even mine, I was holding it for a friend... you don't know her."

And finally...

"I can't tell you that. It's a matter of National Security. Do you WANT the terrorists to win? That cow SUPPORTS OUR TROOPS!"

^Sweet victory. :-)
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