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How do u define smart ?? I mean what qualities should a person have to be considered as smart ??

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Brilliant Queen (BQ)_forever ! 
Asked at 2010.10.26 20:09:27
I had an argument with this one kid in my class. He is a 1st year high school student ( 9th grade ) and i am 3rd year student ( 11th ). But I have to admit, this guy is super smart. I mean he is in advanced classes. Knows 70 digits of the pie, can say all the presidents of united states, know all the baseball teams and their cities. I mean he really smart and a big time nerd.. i mean i don't want to be mean, but who memoriezes the digits of the pie when they are free ?? Anyways. I don't like him very much. He goes to people and tell them that he is smarter than them and list a bunch of people who is smarter than that person. He is been doing that. I didn't say anything at first. He doesn't say that to me because my sis is also in 9th and he kinda respects me. But today i was kinda angry to see him compare someone like that. I asked him to define smartness for me. I asked him to pretty much tell me what he meant by smart.
answer Sheeeeeee  Answered at 2010.10.26 20:09:27
have you heard of this story?
Once a professor of Physic, Maths & Medicin were travelling in a boat crossing a river. The professor of Physics asked the boat man if he knew any thing about physics, the boat man who is illetrated, said no. The proff. in Physics told the boat man half your life is gone. Later the proff. of Maths asked the boat man, do you know how to add, the boat man said no. The pfoff. said your half life is wasted. Same thing happend to the proff. in Medicin. By this time they were in the middle of the river & a big storm blew the boat turtle. The proffs. were struggling to save them selves because they did not know how to swim. The boat man asked the proffs. Do you all know how to swim? No they said. Now your whole life is wasted.
Now you got the morel of the story? The boy might be a book worm but if you put him in a crowd in the real world, he will get lost.
If you are smart, let your action show it not your words. You dont have to beat your own drum let others do it for you & say you are smart.
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