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Why are men who hate their mothers judged more harshly than women who hate their fathers?

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Real Man 
Asked at 2010.10.26 20:00:58
Usually when a woman openly proclaims her dislike for her father there's usually some of justification for it ("He was never around. He was emotionally neglectful. He broke my mom's heart." Etc).

But when a man expresses the same level of loathing towards his mother he's often (initially) judged harshly for it. Even my other guys, "Dude, she's you're mom!" "She gave birth to you!" "She only wanted what was best for you". I find it amusing when people say that even though they know nothing of what kind of relationship it was.

So are mothers revered in a more sacred light than fathers?
answer Mugsy R.  Answered at 2010.10.26 20:00:58
It's not just men who are so judged, it's women too. I was very hostile towards both my folks for a long time until just recently, and your statement applied completely. Upon expressing my hate for my dad, I was never questioned. But with any negative comment about my mom, all those lines were shot at me, with "She gave birth to you!" being a common favorite. And I'm like, hello, parenting consists of LOTS more than just giving birth. Respect is earned, no exceptions.
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