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Is it true that breeding with those of another race will make a healthier baby?

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The Original Old School Gangst 
Asked at 2010.10.22 00:06:41
or is it, that breeding with a similar race will lead to greater chances of complications, or both?

Just in general it seems that mixed children end up pretty good, tiger woods, jessica alba, etc. it does make sense though doesnt it? sort of decreases the odds of inbreeding further down a generational line... if this is so, then why as a societal trait generally more attracted to those of our own kind? isnt it anti-evolutionary? or is it merely society impeding on health?
answer P P  Answered at 2010.10.22 00:06:41
'Pure blood' is always weak in the end.

UK is the root of 'good blood' for this very reason - the 'perfect blend' of all the best from around the world.

The export of this fine (blended) blood line to the north american colonies is a fantastic asset to the world - their maintenance of this asset continues to be an asset to them and one which they have developed.

This fantastic blend needs to be protected from competition by alternative, weak 'pure bloods' from all sources whether racial, religions or cultural - their strenghts must be assimilated, their weaknesses dicarded.

Well bread mongrels rule, diversity of origin is all - purity(whether ethnic, religions or racial) has power but is wrong, weak and misguided.
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