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Has Anyone Read This Months Issue Of National Geographic Story On Black Pharoahs?

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Asked at 2010.10.22 00:02:20
What are your thoughts & comments?
answer Misamoto!!  Answered at 2010.10.22 00:02:20
Sigh a little "rant"...

Well I know the purpose behind the article (hint:reconstruction of King Tut), which adds to what else I am about to say..

My thought is that even the title of the article itself is misleading, purposely saying that blackness was not normally a part of Egyptian society and anyone considered "black" would of been foreigners who came from the Southern Kingdom of Kush, while it also seems to be trying to define what "black" is without actually defining to attribute the title of "THE BLACK PHARAOHS" to only this period seems biased.

In an age where we are trying to get away from racial bias,
I've never understood why they did not not title it "Kushite" pharaohs or the "Nubian" pharaohs, especially when culture is the more dominant cause social of clashing in Africa and Southern Egyptians share the same "blackness" as Northern Nubians....

I am sure they would never have titled the age of Ptolemy as the "The White pharaohs" reading through the article I couldn't help but stop reading halfway through, I felt like a toddler being educated by some kindergarten teacher flashing pretty candy in front of me to encourage me not to question her...I'm sure they had good intentions, but there is definately something wrong here... grade C on this article...

Edit: Guy below me, Assuming you are addressing me, I am well aware that some pharaohs were black and others were non black, however my main issue is classifying the NUBIAN pharaohs as THE black pharaohs and therefore creating the image that no black pharaohs existed in Egypt before this period.
Again I ask everyone a simple question, do you think the Ptolemaic period of Egypt would of been plastered unto National Geographic cover as "The White Pharaohs"?
I am tired of the misconstuiring of people's histories by western nonsense.
Quite honestly I feel very strongly about such things, we (Asians) are presently going through a similar problem with the west trying to rewrite Asian history due to a couple of red heads popping up in our deserts! It needs to stop.
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