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Blimey, my question was removed, what does that tell you about?

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Asked at 2010.10.21 23:58:30
This sites owners?

I asked ''Who will police the Police in their march upon London?''

Ok, I added a few other views, but none of them rude, such as, '' Should it be the CND or The Countryside Alliance?'' etc.

The Filth (that could be the reason) get everywhere.


See you in court, and I have CCTV that proves my innocence.

Haha, scum..

Ahem, sorry, the question is...

Why remove my question?

Don't tell me you people have feelings!

Ok, if you do, tell me how a bloke can end up in court for something he did not do, when you know he did not do it.

Oh, hang on, I'll tell you..

He was beaten up by 8 coppers who had to find an excuse for his injuries, so fabricated a story about him attacking you.....


Go on, deleat this one aswell.


Sorry everyone, but I'm a little annoyed about this.
answer Heart of man  Answered at 2010.10.21 23:58:30
OK, I don't think this is my cup of tea. I thought you guys were perfect. My bubble burst. USA over and out. Edit: Thanks, I thought you would know or did you. Anyway, hope it gets better.
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