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Why are ouija boards so 'bad'?

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Asked at 2010.09.01 20:47:44
I was at my friends house and her sister got one for christmas. We were playing around with it and got it to work. We're 14 so our questions, were like who likes so and so, how many kids will we have, when are our birthdays, etc. Fun stuff. I was just looking around on weather they're real or not, or if there is some like scientific explanation, and everyone is like, they're bad news!

How come?
answer eri  Answered at 2010.09.01 20:47:44
They aren't bad or evil or dangerous. Here's the scientific explanation you were looking for - they're not real. It's just a toy. You're moving it yourself, whether your realize it or not. This is called the ideomotor effect. You're not communicating with anything but your own subconscious, which is why you never hear anything like 'ouija board predicts winning lottery numbers' or something like that. There aren't any ghosts there to talk to and no one can predict the future. If they could, that would mean the future is already set and nothing can change it, so I can sit on the couch and watch TV and still get paid for doing my job, right? No.

It's just a toy. Have fun, but don't expect anything you tell yourself to actually happen.
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