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Is paranormal activity real?

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Asked at 2010.09.01 20:42:27
I posted a question and have read quite a few in this section and it seems to me that there are a lot of non-believers in this section. I understand that some people simply cannot wrap their minds around the fact that we are not alone, and others really do believe that it's a crock. I don't understand why non-believers would post in this section other than to disprove those of us who've really had experiences, or also to lend a hand and a rational explanation to those in need. What I don't understand is why come in here with a close mind, DETERMINED to disprove us, you can never believe if you don't give it a chance, and who knows, maybe you don't want to. How many people believe in this stuff, and and how many don't, and why do you or don't you?
answer Melissa S  Answered at 2010.09.01 20:42:27
You have to realize that those who are skeptics have never had a truly unexplainable occurrence in their lives. They've always tried to explain it away as just their imaginations or they simply will not allow themselves to experience anything beyond their math and science world. To them I wish all the luck because as much as they want to disprove it, it does exist. I can look at a person and tell them their loved ones names that have crossed over and give them a message if they want, but I'm not going to sit here listen to a skeptic without a little bit of doubt in my mind that they may be right. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is fine by me. Just don't shove your beliefs onto me and expect me to turn into a skeptic because I'm going to tell you right now, that isn't going to happen. I've been through too much, seen too much, heard too much, experienced too much to be a skeptic. Hope this helps!
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