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Ouija Board Experiences?

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Asked at 2010.09.01 20:41:58
What are some of the experiences you've had with ouija boards? Please share..... Thanks :)
answer smart blonde is not an oxymoro  Answered at 2010.09.01 20:41:58
I was dared to do it, because being the good little girl that i am (was) I wouldn't even look at it.

There were five of us, all guys exact for me. Nick, Zack, Corey, Evan, and Me. They said, "Come on, it will be fun. I dare yah. I double dog dare yah. I triple dog dare yah." And being only ten years old, I did it.

We all put our fingers on the board and Evan made sure that none of us were touching it. We turned out the light in Zack's tree house and lit a candle. Then Evan started asking about his dead grandmother. We asked her questions she answered. It was kinda fun, ya know the adrenaline rush that comes along with doing something that you are not supposed to be doing.

I was a little bit freaked out because, I dont know if it was Zack, (though I think it was), but Evan grandmothers neckace started to move around the board. I was creepy.

Well, that was my one and only ouija board experiance. I hope you enjoyed it!

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