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Have you ever had any bad experiences with Ouija Boards?

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The Half Blood Prince 
Asked at 2010.09.01 20:41:21

answer misslady  Answered at 2010.09.01 20:41:21
Ok this is going to be long and extra ordinary, but I have actually experienced it so dont write me off as crazy unless you have yourself. When i was 13 i tried the board. By myself since i didnt trust anyone doing it with me. Nothing happened at first, but after a few tries it moved and i was so excited, and told my mom, and she clearly told me to leave those things alone. I met 3 spirits in my home(which now i believe was just one). Anthony was 10 years old and died in a car crash and controlled the others, who was zhazha(81) and ano(13). There were times he would not let me talk to them and he would tell me sexual things about him and zhazha and always told me not to tell Mrs. Mele. Ms. Mele was my english teacher, but her class was more like religion than english. I dont know why he singled her out. I spoke to him everyday and soon only to him. When i realized that i didnt need the board for him to control my hand, I started using automatic writing . The handwriting would be different from mines and very scraggly. I moved to another place temporarily and met other spirts as well(bethany,devil dave, warp). Warp was for me the nicest one and shared alot with me. He even drew a pic of himself once which looked like a fat man with long stringy hair. When i moved back to my old house, anthony would no longer talk to me and would move the pen off the paper everytime i tried. About a year passed and one night i was in my bed awake and i heard what sounded like footsteps step on the bed. One.. two, then i saw a small light come over me and i couldnt move or anything and i just layed there and when it was over i felt this energy in my body, like it was tingling. After this was when things started to happen. I would be woken up to hearing someone yelling so loudly in my ear. I have been slapped before and its strange because it hurts and was extremely hard, but not physically. Ive heard my mom call my name when she wasnt home and felt that thing walk from the door towards me and stop right my by side. You can feel the presense. I woke up every night at 3:15 for reasons beyond me and the attack at night got so bad that one night(my last night there) i felt it waiting by my bedside, just standing there waiting for me to fall asleep and it attacked me. I felt actual solid hands on my body and was wide awake and just prayed the whole time for it to be over. That was my last night there. I dont recommend that board and whatever you deal with on it is not a spirit of a human being, no matter what they may claim.. Be careful and good luck.
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